‘I’d rather sing one wild song and burst my heart with it, than live a thousand years watching my digestion and being afraid of the wet.’
Jack London



We’re Kate and Matt. We love bicycles. We love the great outdoors. We love mountains and cliff tops and rushing rivers and glaciers. We love adventures: whether they go right, whether they go wrong, it doesn’t really matter as long as we get to go. We love good vego food and good beer. We love music: heavy metal, classical, grunge. We love the theatre. And art. We love exploring new places. We love animals. We especially love dogs.


There are a few things we don’t both agree on. Kate prefers winging it in the hopes it will all work out. Matt prefers making sure things will work. Kate prefers using smiles and gesticulation in place of actual words. Matt prefers to study and get the language right. But these are small things, yes?

We’re fortunate enough to get 12 months in Mongolia, during which time, we’re going to try to chase down all of the things we love. We’ll let you know what we find.

Thanks for reading.