Photo Gallery – Gun Galuut (the place with many ducks)

‘Gun Galuut’ means ‘the place with many ducks’. During our recent visit we saw no ducks, or indeed many birds at all, because they have all sensibly headed off to warmer climates.  We were, however, lucky enough to see argali sheep in the far distance.

The Kherlen River, one of the longest in Mongolia

The river was slowly freezing over. Each morning there was a new ledge of ice, hanging off the previous day’s. As the day warmed up, small icebergs slowly floated downstream. We saw some small fish darting away under the ice, and were reliably informed that they survive the winter in the water under the solid ice.

Temperatures were cooler than Ulaanbaatar by several degrees, (minus 20 overnight) and we were glad of the refuge offered by our ger.
These are, I believe, frozen bubbles in the ice.
There are monsters in Gun Galuut.

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